Uniwet Plus Fertilizers Catalogue

Uniwet Plus

Pesticide and foliar fertilizer performance relies on penetration of leaf cuticle layer. Wetting and spreading agents increase absorption through leaf stomata.

Uniwet Plus is a new technology adjuvant to decrease surface tension and improve foliar absorption of supplements and pesticides. Leaves are protected by a layer called cuticle for protection, and foliar treatment efficiency depends on the ability to penetrate this layer and reach stomata for absorption.

Uniwet Plus is a silicone based spreading and wetting agent with superior performance. It will maximize the efficiency of pesticide and fertilizer sprays by allowing easy penetration and improved absorption.

Directions For Use

Plant Stage Application Type Dosage
Along with Fungicides, Insecticides, Acaricides, Growth Regulators and Nutrition Supplements 10ml / 100L Water
With Herbicides 25ml / 100L Water
To reduce water for crop dusting (Aircraft Applications)50ml / 100L Water

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Precautionary Statements

Do not leave the fertilizer tank mix unused for longer than 24 hours after adding Uniwet Plus.

Always conduct a compatibility test for new or untried tank-mix combinations.