Corporate About Unikim

The most important component of every Unikim product is quality and effectiveness. Our mission has always been customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships.

Unikim has been in research, production, and development of special fertilizers for agriculture since 2000. In order to satisfy the many needs of plants, many different types of fertilizers has been developed from micro nutrients to auxiliary products like pH regulators. Our wide range of products and their effectiveness have brought us success in Turkey as well as many other countries to which we export Unikim Quality Fertilizers.


With strong background of agriculture and chemistry, we are devoted into developing new products, improving technics, innovations, supplying technical support and solution. We are ready to prepare special formulas depending on our clients' occasional requirements.


Advanced technics, and well-trained workers lead to products in excellent quality.

Quality Control

Each batch of production has certain quality control points. Each batch is subjected to various tests to ensure high quality, stable products.


Our sales team has outstanding knowledge of agriculture, and offers clients solutions through technical support and consultation. Unikim products have been distributed successfully since 2000 throughout Turkey and worldwide.


Feel safe by using a well-known and respected manufacturer.


It feels good to know that every Unikim product you use, will meet your expectations.


We try and keep in touch with all our customers to ensure they fully benefit from the product they purchased.

Company Title: Ünikim Tekstil Boyaları ve Kimyasal Tarım Ürünleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Tax Office: Beylikdüzü - 9130048474