Unicit Antisalt Fertilizers Catalogue

Unicit Antisalt

Plant health and development is deeply related to soil condition and nutrient availability.

Unicit Antisalt is a powerful desalinator, soil conditioner and bio-activator. New and effective formula includes amino carboxylic acid complexes and it is recommended for agricultural soils with salinity problems. Soil salts reduces nutrient availability in the soil and affects optimum growth conditions negatively. Efficiency of fertilizers and growth regulator depends on soil conditions, water and nutrient holding capacity and pH level.

Unicit Antisalt is designed to reduce salinity and improve soil properties to achieve maximum fertilizer efficiency, a higher yield potential, better root development and increased product quality.

Directions For Use

Table refers to salinity levels revealed in soil analysis and required product application (Liters per decare).

Soil E.C. Mmhos/cm Argillaceous Soil Fertile Soil Sandy Soil
1-24-5 3,5-4,5 3-4
2-35-6 4,5-5,5 4-5
3-46-7 5,5-6,5 5-6
4-57-8,5 6,5-8 6-7,5
5-68,5-10 8-9,5 7,5-9
6-710-11,59,5-11 9-10,5
Application rate for soils without salinity analysis: 2-5L /Da

Application rate for saline waters is determined in the table according to water analysis results.

Salt (gram) / Irrigation Water (Liter) Mmhos/cm Unicit Antisalt / 1000L Water
0,5-1,5 0,78-2,34 15-25 cc
1,5-2 2,34-3,12 25-35 cc
2,0-2,5 3,12-3,90 35-45 cc
2,5-3,0 3,90-4,68 45-55 cc
3,0-3,5 4,68-5,46 55-65 cc
3,5-4,0 5,46-6,25 65-75 cc
4,0-4,5 6,25-7,03 75-85 cc
Application rates for saline waters without analysis are 15-75cc / 1000L.

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Precautionary Statements

Always conduct a compatibility test for new or untried tank-mix combinations.

Unicit Antisalt is suitable for soil application.