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Unipot Plus

Unipot Plus is specially formulated for greenhouse crops to maximize yield quality and quantity.

Greenhouse cultivation depends on produce quality and yield to be economically viable. Unipot Plus is specifically designed to address greenhouse needs. It contains high concentration of potassium in a complex structure for maximum efficiency along with readily available sources of nitrogen and zinc. Unipot Plus enhances fruit development and improves quality affecting factors like shape, color and taste. Potassium and zinc are deeply involved in growth and fruit development processes and adequate amounts are required for maximum yield.

Unipot Plus delivers required nutrients in an efficient way for greenhouse crops like tomatoes and eggplants, boosts fruit development, improves quality and helps achieve maximum yield. Unipot Plus comes in a totally soluble uniform granular structure for ease of application and efficiency.

Guaranteed Analysis

Property Form Percentage (w/w)
Total NitrogenN9%
Nitrate NitrogenN9%
Potassium K2O30%

Directions For Use

Plant Stage Application Type Dosage
Greenhouse Vegetables 3-4 applications, 10 days apartDrip Irrigation 1,5 - 3Kg /Da
Fruit TreesAdd 0.2Kg - 0.5Kg to 10L water and apply via drip irrigation
CottonAfter cotton bolls form, 1-2 applications.
Vineyards2-3 applications during veraison stage

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Precautionary Statements

Always conduct a compatibility test for new or untried tank-mix combinations.

Unipot Plus is suitable for drip irrigation.


  • Ministry of Agriculture Registration
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