Fosfozin Fertilizers Catalogue


Phosphorus and zinc are important nutrients which are involved in many metabolic processes that directly affect crop quality and yield.

Fosfozin is a readily available source of phosphorus and zinc for plants. Health and growth of the plants depends on their nutrition. Phosphorus and zinc are involved in photosynthesis, enzyme systems, hormonal balance, energy transfer, reproductive systems and many other vital processes related to plants. Fosfozin delivers the much needed nutrients in an easy to absorb and quick acting formula. In addition to its beneficial effects on yield and quality of produce, it helps boost the resistance of the plants against bacteria and fungi.

Fosfozin, not only improves blooming, germination, product quality and yield, but also clears the pipes of fertigation and drip irrigation systems because of its acidic nature.

Guaranteed Analysis

Property Form Percentage (w/w)
Total NitrogenN3%
Urea NitrogenN3%
Phosphorus P2O5 15%

Directions For Use

Plant Stage Application Type Dosage
Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini Before blooming, 3 applications 2 weeks apart Drip Irrigation 2 - 2,5L /Da
Fruit Trees 2-3 applications Drip Irrigation 3L /Da
Citrus During blooming stage Drip Irrigation 2L /Da
Vineyards When shoots become 15-20cm long Drip Irrigation 2,5L /Da
Strawberry 20 days after planting, 2 applications 2 weeks apart Drip Irrigation 2,5L /Da
Cotton When plant reaches 3-leaf stage Drip Irrigation 1L /Da

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Precautionary Statements

Always conduct a compatibility test for new or untried tank-mix combinations.

Fosfozin is suitable for drip irrigation.


  • Ministry of Agriculture Registration
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