Calamino Fertilizers Catalogue


Calcium is a nutrient crucial to structural strength and it enhances enzymatic and hormonal functions, nutrient uptake and many other biological functions in the plants.

Calamino is a readily available source of calcium supported by nitrogen for increased uptake and performance. Calcium is a secondary nutrient which is vital for healthy growth of plants. Sufficient calcium for the plant increase uptake of other nutrients. Plants require calcium for structural strength, growth and disease resistance because of its role in the formation of cell walls. In addition to structural benefits, calcium also improves some enzymatic and hormonal functions and increases heat stress tolerance.

Calamino is a stable and high quality calcium supplement for plants in liquid form for better performance and efficiency. Calamino promotes root development, vegetative growth, strength and disease resistance along with improved crop quality and shelf life.

Guaranteed Analysis

Property Form Percentage (w/w)
Total NitrogenN8%
Nitrate NitrogenN8%

Directions For Use

Plant Stage Application Type Dosage
VegetablesSeedling stageFoliar250cc /da 100L Water
VegetablesBefore bloomingFoliar250cc /da 100L Water
VegetablesDevelopment stageFoliar250cc /da 100L Water
VegetablesAfter tillageDrip Irrigation2,5L /Da
VegetablesBefore bloomingDrip Irrigation2,5L /Da
VegetablesDuring fruit settingDrip Irrigation2,5L /Da
Fruit TreesFruit development stage, 3-4 applications 2 weeks apartFoliar250cc /da 100L Water
Field CropsSeedling stageFoliar150cc - 100L Water
Ornamental FlowerBefore and after bloomingFoliar250cc /da 100L Water
Ornamental FlowerBefore and after blooming Drip Irrigation2,5L /Da
Hard shelled fruitsBefore and after bloomingFoliar250cc /da 100L Water

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Precautionary Statements

Always conduct a compatibility test for new or untried tank-mix combinations.

Calamino is suitable for foliar application and drip irrigation.


  • Ministry of Agriculture Registration
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