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Amino Forge

High organic matter and amino acid content combined with bio-activators in seaweed extract makes Amino Forge a unique growth stimulant and soil conditioner.

Amino Forge is a stable liquid fertilizer with high organic matter content combined with amino acids and seaweed extract by various processes to increase effectiveness. It delivers complex organic nutrients and bio-stimulants to plants and soil life to achieve healthy growth conditions and yield maximization. Amino Forge improves soil conditions, increases nutrient uptake and root development. This powerful combination delivers necessary nutrients, growth stimulating minerals and enzyme activators, vitamins and amino acids for plants.

Amino Forge is a powerful organic supplement of growth and health related nutrients, beneficial for all plants. While enhancing soil conditions and plant growth, it also boosts natural defense mechanisms of plants. Amino Forge improves the effectiveness of other fertilizers and pesticides, and it is suitable for both foliar and soil applications.

Guaranteed Analysis

Property Form Percentage (w/w)
Organic Mass40%
Organic Carbon 12%
Organic NitrogenN1%
Potassium K2O2%
Free Amino Acids2%
pH Range 4-6

Directions For Use

Plant Stage Application Type Dosage
Fruit Trees3-4 applications throughout the seasonDrip Irrigation1,5 - 2L / Da
Fruit TreesFrom pollination to harvest, 3-4 applications Foliar100 - 200cc /Da 100L Water
Citrus2-3 applications during summerFoliar100cc /Da 100L Water
Vegetables4-5 applications throughout the seasonDrip Irrigation1,5 - 2L / Da
VegetablesFrom planting to harvest, 4-5 applicationsFoliar50-100cc / Da 100L Water
Vineyards and OliveDuring blooming and fruit development, 3-4 applicationsFoliar150cc / Da 100L Water

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Precautionary Statements

Always conduct a compatibility test for new or untried tank-mix combinations.

Amino Forge is suitable for foliar application and drip irrigation.


  • Ministry of Agriculture Registration
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